Sadaf Damghan Gypsum Co., is founded in 1989 in a field of about 26000 square meter. We own also a rich, private gypsum mine at the backside of the company, with a very high quality of calcium sulfate dihydrate as the basement for the gypsum products.

Moreover, the company is equipped with several production lines with indirect heating furnaces, full automatic packaging system, powerful grinding and mixing machineries, and several silos for mass storage.

The new production lines and high power mixing units enable us for the production of Micronized Plaster which is ultra fine (with a mesh size up to 200) for the first time in Iran and in the Middle East as well. The production line is kept under a careful quality control, so the production of this kind of plaster is almost 60 tons/day. With the additives of different chemicals our plaster is changed in its compositions due to different usages in building constructions.

These grinding and mixing machineries are also able to produce powders out of other mineral stones e.g. limestone, bantonit, barite, and xeolit.

Our experiences over the years before and high technological knowledge for the gypsum products promote us as the leading producer of gypsum plasters in Iran. And now we are looking forward to present our products in the global market too.

On the other hand, we are able to distribute national and international building materials all over the territory of Iran using our wide range of distributors (more than 85 agents, in all 30 provinces). Therefore, all national and international building material producers aiming to niche Iranian market are welcomed.

Abbas Kashani Vahid
Sadaf Damghan Gypsum Co.


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