Micronized Plaster:

Micronized Plaster the primary product of gypsum with high purity of hemi-hydrate calcium sulfate  (CaSO4 1/2H2O).  Using a very powerful grinding machinery, this product is ultra fine with a size up to 150 mesh. This plaster can be used in general cases in building constructions.

Technical data:

Purity = about 90%
Finesse = about 150 mesh (100 micron)
Initial setting time* = 3-4 min
Secondary setting time = 8 min

* The setting time can be varied from 3-30 minutes due to the costumer's inquiry.

GEPTON Plaster:

Sadaf Damghan Gypsum Co. opened a new horizon to the plastering of rough surfaces e.g. concrete with  GEBTONTM Plaster. By adding some chemicals and other elements to the Micronized Plaster, a new form of
plaster is made and produced under the name of GEBTONTM.
Applying such a plaster over any surface eliminates the need to use holders such as nets. The longer forming time of  GEBTONTM provides you enough time to leave the coat to perform any decoration.
This plaster is excellently resistance to the humidity and friction; therefore, it is highly recommended for buildings near the sea or damp areas of building e.g. bathroom, kitchen and etc. Also due to its friction resistance this type of plaster can keep its shape during long period of time in public places e.g. museums, and etc.

Technical data:

Purity = about 92%
Finesse = about 150 mesh (100 micron)
Initial setting time* = 6-7 min
Secondary setting time = 12 min
Tension strength = 140 kg/cm2
Bending strength = 50 kg/cm2

* The setting time can be varied from 3-30 minutes due to the costumer's inquiry.


Polymeric Plaster:

A new and pioneer work is done by Sadaf Damghan Gypsum Co. to produce Polymeric Plaster. This type of plaster is carefully made out of Micronized Plaster and is undergone a special process to make it super fine. Polymeric Plaster can be used in spraying machineries e.g. Putzmeister MP25. Using spraying machine makes plastering available on any kind of surfaces such as concrete, brick, Hebelex on ceilings and/or walls as well as very smooth surfaces.
In addition this type of plastering would be very beneficial due to the lower needed quantity and lower time of applying compared to any other methods. Hence, it is greatly recommended for huge building constructions.

Technical data:

Purity = about 95%
Finesse = about 200 mesh (75 micron)
Initial setting time = is defined by the user of spraying machine
Speed = 250 m2 /day (for MP25 Machines)


Plaster Board:

The plaster board is our secondary product. This board can be made in any dimensions based on the costumer's inquiry.
Our default board is 50X66.6 cm, with a thickness of 8 com which is about 60kg.



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